The Tiniest Man in the World

2016 – A stop-motion and live action series of 53X1’10
Directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella
A coproduction Les Films de l’ArlequinJPL FilmsCan Can Club
International sales: Dandelooo

What would life be like for a man that is just 15 cm tall ?
The answer is to be found in each episode of this series. Our little friend is a formal, serious and calm man who tries to live in the real world  without realizing how small he is. As he can’t see his limitations, his attitude is always dignified and he keeps persevering to live in a world in which he doen’t seem to fit.

Festivals : Festival National du Film d’Animation (Bruz) – Festival court metrage jeunesse 7 Petits Cailloux (Reims) and abroad : Festival de cinema en Famille (Quebec) – Monstra à Lisboa – Chilemonos (Chili) – IAFF Golden Kuker (Sofia) – Very Short International Film Festival (more than 28 countries !) – Cartoons on the bay (Italie) – Golden Kuker (Bulgarie) – KAFF (Hongrie) – Animamundi (Brazil) – Varnafest (Bulgarie) – BIAF (Korea) – Lahore International Children’s Film Festival (Pakistan)….


Prix : Best episode from TV series à Sofia – IASS Golden Kuker /  2 Awards Festival International Chilemonos : 1/ Animation and et Series TV latino-américan