BORIS – Season 2

2015 – An animated series of 26X3’10 and 1X13’ based on « Boris » by Mathis published by Thierry Magnier Editions
2D digital

Directed by Serge Elissalde
A production Les Films de l’Arlequin
Broadcaster France 5

Boris is a new series for preschool kids. Boris has 3 years old and he is a boy like all the others but that believes in his adventures with his toys giving them speech by the sole strength of his imagination.
They’re the perfect accomplices for his joys, worries, fears and little problems. So, Boris transfers to them his own reactions and anguishes : he’s afraid of the dark but makes them look scared instead, having them all join him his bed so that he can “protect “ them.
He also loves being admired by them as when he’s proud for learning to count til one, despite their mockeries! He can also be capable of “terrible” things like putting the blame on them for his own wrong doings, just so he can get an extra cuddle. But facing Boris, his toys aren’t completely unarmed: they put him in his proper place; make fun of him or support him and encourage him. But by the end of the day, they are Boris toys after all and as such he’ll always have the last word.

France Télévision distribution