2012 – An animated series of 6 x 5 minutes
Animated sand

Adaptation realization and animation by Mathilde PhilipponElodie Bouedec and Florence Miailhe
A production Les Films de l’Arlequin / Vivement Lundi / La Fabrique
Broadcast on France 2

From the top of a boulder overlooking the sea gushes out a river.
Now quiet, now swirling, its waters are in constant metamorphosis. The river once was a young man named Acis, who lived a great romance with Galatea the Nereid until the day when Polyphemus the Cyclops, mad with jealousy, crushed him under a boulder. Galatea then used her own powers to grant Acis immortality.
From its source to the sea, in all the places the river flows through, all sorts of creatures meet, monster-like, god-like, or simply human. The waters of the river witness their metamorphoses, mirror their passions, their conflicts.

France Télévision distribution