The Wolf in Underpants

Written by Chloé Sastre and Romain Gadiou in collaboration with Wilfrid Lupano
Based on the books by Mayana Itoïz and Wilfrid Lupano published by Éditions Dargaud
Directed by Benjamin Botella
In coproduction with KMBO production

Night falls on the dense forest. But back in the village, the hustle and bustle is at its height. Everywhere you look, you see posters advertising protection from the Big Bad Wolf. As the sun sets, a mournful howl resounds from the depths of the forest: the Wolf has come out of his lair. The terrified villagers rush back to their houses and lock themselves in.
The only one who doesn’t seem the least bit frightened is the Owl. She’s knitting perched on her tree, while the village falls into silence. The Owl knows a lot of things. She knows, for example, that the Wolf is not as bad as he looks.