Merlin against the ghosts of Halloween

2005 – A 26-minute TV special based on the comic series “Merlin” by Sfar and Munuera and published by Editions Dargaud
Traditional 2D

Directed by Moran Caouissin
Screenplays by Catherine Taillefer and Franck Ekinci
A production Les Films de l’Arlequin

Trick or treat? Do you know why on October 31st kids have to disguise themselves as monstruous creatures? Once again it’s obviously Merlin’s fault!
● Youth Film Festival – Bourg en Bresse 2006
● French Film Festival – Bratislava 2007
● Anima – Brussels 2007
● Fifth International Film Festival for Children and Youth – Buenos Aires 2006
● Animadrid Film Festival 2007
● Cartoon Club 2007

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