2013 – A 23′ animated film based on Ovide’s « Metamorphoses »
Animated sand

Directed by Florence Miailhe, Elodie Bouedec and Mathilde Philippon
A coproduction Les Films de l’Arlequin / La Fabrique / Vivement Lundi
Broadcast on France 2

A river comes cascading down from a big rock overlooking the sea.
The river once was a young man, Acis, who lived a great romance with Galatea, a Nereide, until Cyclop Polyphemus, got mad with jealousy and crushed him under a rock. Galatea then used her power to make Acis immortal.
The paths of all sorts of creatures, monsters, gods or simple mortals, meet all along the Acis river, from its source to the sea.
Akteon surprises Diana and her maids in some pools. Further down the river, Nymph Salmacis drags Hermaphroditus off into the transparent waters of a lake. In the plain, cows are grazing, watched over by Argus, the hundred-eyed giant. In reality, one of the cows is Io, the daughter of Inachus.
By the shore, Acis flows through Scylla’s cave and then into the sea, at the very place where Ino dives to escape from her husband who has gone insane.
Traces of these events can still be seen today in the landscape.

Some awards in festivals : Distinction for artistic originality at AnimFest – Promotion Award at Cinanima… Some selections in France ; Des courts en Hiver at Porto Vecchio – Villeurbanne – Annecy … Some selections abroad : Anibar in Kosovo – Animanima – Animix in Tel Aviv – Kaff in Hungary …

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