Father Frismas

2012 – A 26-minute animation TV special

Directed by Youri Tcherenkov
Screenplay by Youri Tcherenkov et Antoine Lanciaux
A production Les Films de l’Arlequin


At the top of a very high mountain lives Father Frimas, a delicious character endowed with bewitching powers. For times immemorial, Father Frimas has always made sure that every corner of the valley receives the perfect amount of snow in winter. But this year, it seems pretty hard to find the right balance. Indeed, since gentle Paul married Edwige – a city-dweller who can’t stand the cold – then got lost in the forest and woke up awful Sylvain, his daughter Lucie hasn’t had a moment of peace to knit socks

• Prix du meilleur film pour enfant – Festival de Krok – Ukraine – Septembre 2013
• Prix du Jury des Enfants – Festival de Krok – Ukraine – Septembre 2013 

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