Hybrid series by Agathe Zavaro et Quentin Letout
Litterary bible Marine Lachenaud, Agathe Zavaro and Quentin Letout
Graphic design Agathe Zavaro and Quentin Letout
Coproduction Les Films de l’Arlequin and JPL Films

Following an ecological disaster caused by humans that destroyed their habitat, a group of young underwater animals find themselves transformed into “waste fish”. Separated from their fellows, Remi the electric ray, Aya the mola (sunfish), Buble the dolphin, Hector the crab and Omar the shrimp, have nothing in common except their inability to fend for themselves.

Following a route that appears on Remi’s screen, these five “losers” are on their way to their “next destination” hoping that at the end of the road everything will be as before. But on their journey across the five oceans, they will learn to deal with each other and above all they will discover the many damages caused by human pollution.

Multiplying the incredible adventures and weird encounters, the optimist and helpful Remi and his new friends show us the way of mutual aid and responsible behavior … All together, let’s change our habits, let’s tackle 180 ° !!